My name is Tomi Rantanen. I’m a 35-year-old photographer and long distance bicycle tourer from Finland.

I’ve been cycling for four years. Every summer I pack my bike and hit the road for two or three months. I simply love everything about this hobby. The adventure, excitement, sense of pure freedom, fresh air, gorgeous views, connection to nature, self-sufficiency, all the amazing people I meet, and the countless learning experiences. Here are my previous trips:

2013: I toured in South Europe, around Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, and Hungary (3000km)
2014: Criss-crossed from South Finland to the Arctic Ocean in Norway (3000km)
2015: Cycled to all 39 national parks in Finland (5250km)
2016: Nightless night tour in North Norway above the Arctic Circle (2000km)

You can find photos from the last three tours in the Gallery section.

I’ve studied photography for three years. The motivation to learn came in Slovenia. I didn’t think I could ever adequately describe the beautiful landscapes there, and phone snapshots just weren’t enough. So I decided to study photography in order to show friends and family how amazing the places I visit are. I bought my first DSLR in early 2014 and now my goal is to become a professional eventually.

My even bigger aspiration is to cycle around the world. More on that later.