Exciting news: My bicycle has arrived!

For so long I’ve dreamt about this journey, and now for the first time it actually feels like a real thing that is going to happen. Because it's finally here. This is the bike I’ll ride around the world on. And it’s a beauty.

It’s a Finnish brand called Chebici, made by Vesa Rauttu. He is quite a character - 69 years old and still building some of the best custom bicycles around. I met him a year and a half ago when I needed to replace a rear tire while touring and a friend recommended his shop. We got to talking and he pointed out some issues with my riding position. Quickly impressed by his knowledge and skills, I brought up this project and that I was looking for a new bicycle. Soon enough, he took my physical measurements, and after some months of discussion and planning he designed this unique frame specifically for me.

It has disc brakes, 2” tires, an 11-speed cassette and brifters - finally I don't have to take my hand off the handlebar just to shift gears. The saddle is a Selle SMP and from preliminary testing, it feels better than my old Brooks. Which would be great, since the Brooks requires a bit more maintenance and isn’t as comfortable as I would like.

All the pieces work really well together and there’s nothing so fancy that it can’t be fixed in a third-world country. And best of all, it’s great on both asphalt and gravel roads. Unlike my old bike with 32mm tires, which always caused frustration on uneven surfaces.

So now I have about three months to get accustomed to the bike, test everything, and make minor tweaks where necessary.

I can’t wait for my first tour.