Spring has finally arrived!

As beautiful as the subarctic winter can be, it is not my favourite time of year. For many reasons. The bitter cold feels so hostile - as if the weather itself is actively trying to kill you. Snow covers everything that lives and is beautiful, without even a hint of green anywhere in the landscape. The constant darkness gradually wears you down and latches onto the soul. And worst of all, there's no proper bicycle touring for 7-8 months. It's been a very long wait for spring.

Okay, so it's not a huge improvement yet...

As much as I love the northern lights, I would honestly still trade them in a second for constant summer and touring. And that's more or less what I'm doing. Because soon I'll be heading so far south that chances are I won't see any auroras for a long time.

There's only two months left now, before I begin my five-year trip. A lot needs to be done in that time. Firstly, my Media studies at the Sámi Education Institute are about to end, which means I need to complete my final school project. It's going to be a time-lapse work of the nature surrounding our little village called Inari, shot during the two years I've spent here.

Estimated time of publishing: May 22nd.

The second big one on the "To Do" list is starting my own business. A transition from a student to a professional photographer requires an unsurprisingly large amount of research and paperwork, all of which I would like to finish before the beginning of my tour. Plus of course the actual preparation for the trip itself, various website-related tasks, flying back home to South Finland to spend next week with the family, and just generally getting all my affairs in order and taking care of whatever belongings I can't bring with me on the bicycle.

Not to mention it would be nice to enjoy some get-togethers and hang out with friends while there's still a chance.

The point of all of this: Don't be too surprised if the blog, Instagram and Facebook update a little sluggishly during these two months! The pace will pick up in June when everything is sorted and the tour begins.