So I didn't mention this yet, but in addition to a cyclist and a photographer, I'm also an ambassador. Of sorts. Let me explain.

You see, this year Finland celebrates its 100th birthday. Among countless other events and occasions, one of the ways we celebrate our independence milestone is by having four Nature Days throughout the year. These are special days when all Finns are encouraged to go outside and enjoy our wonderful free nature, that we are fortunate to have so much of.

Quintessential Finland, from lake Saimaa (June 2014).

Somehow I was chosen as one of the ambassadors to these Nature Day events. Mostly because I had the crazy idea to cycle into all 39 Finnish National Parks a couple summers ago and blog about my adventures and mishaps. (Photo gallery)

The first Nature Day was to celebrate winter on Feb 4th. That time I organized an event with my friend Olli Järvenkylä. Who also happens to be a fellow nature ambassador, because he had the crazy idea to spend 100 days outdoors in one particular national park and blog about his adventures and mishaps. Together with some fellow students from the Sámi Education Institute, we spent the day outside building quintzees (snow shelters) big enough to sleep in. I made a quick little video of the activities that you can watch here.

The second Nature Day for spring is a week from now on Saturday May 20th. This time the plan is to gather some people for a simple bike trip to a nearby laavu (a Finnish lean-to). That date happens to coincide with the last official sunset before the midnight sun period begins, so it's quite likely we'll be sitting by the fire and frying sausages well into the nightless night.

Sausage á la Finlande. Fresh from the open fire, as it ought to be.

This was last year's version of the last sunset of spring.

So if you are in Finland - or anywhere for that matter - I warmly recommend taking your bike out for a little field trip on that day to celebrate Finnish - or anywhere's - nature with good friends and good food.