I may have celebrated too early in the last post. The snow just won't go away this year.

The locals tell me this is one of the longest springs they can recall. Usually by this time the snow would be completely gone, soon followed by the ice on the lakes melting away. But the weather has been unusually chilly, which means that by the official measurement there's still a ridiculous 64cm of snow left. And the forecast for the next 10 days isn't helping.

So there's still at least another 2-3 weeks until proper camping season begins. That doesn't leave much time for quick one and two-night practice tours before the big one. In fact, at this point I wouldn't be surprised if we still had snow in June when I start.

Meanwhile, this same time last year...

On the bright side, the main roads are dry and fine for cycling. So at least I can go out to test the bike and get used to the saddle. But the smaller roads that lead to trekking areas and lean-tos are still mostly unaccessible. And the very best part of pushing my bike off the side road of a side road, along a tiny forest path of pine needles, to find an exquisite camping spot by a quiet lake with water perfect for swimming.. that still feels like a pipe dream.