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5-Year Bike Trip, the Book?


5-Year Bike Trip, the Book?

I want to write a book. And I need your advice.

This has been a dream or goal of mine well before I even started the trip. Specifically, I want to create a photography book. A large (approximately 30cm x 30cm pages) coffee table book, with some text - anywhere from a short snippet to up to one full page on each spread. But the focus would be on the photos.

To give you an example, it would look a little something like below. Except preferably with better graphic design that isn't improvised on a park bench for the purposes of this post.

"Dream vs Reality", the first text I wrote for the book. It's blurred on purpose, though.

Probably about half the images would be previously unpublished. Unlike lately, I wasn’t smart enough in the beginning to set aside any good ones for later, so the best photos were already in the blog. The text would be entirely new, written specifically for the book. And it wouldn't just be the same kind of thing as I write about here. There's no point in just recreating the blog in a different format. So I would like to try something different. Something more personal.

I would focus much less on what happened, where I was, who I met, and other travel blog type things. Instead the topic would be about the bigger picture with this bike trip, the emotional journey before and during the first year, and the feelings behind the photos. On what it means to follow your dreams and search for a life of freedom. With some behind-the-scenes material thrown in. You might even see my face! Plus some bonus stories that never made it to the blog for one reason or another. Including the two times I’ve had to call the emergency number! (Yep, I just went with a shameless teaser.)

For practical reasons, I want to make one of these for every year/continent that I cycle. (Photography books can be rather expensive to print even in bulk, so it could never have 500 pages, for example. And I have a fondness for large photos, so trying to fit one year’s worth of pictures into only one book is already difficult.) Therefore it would actually become a series of books. Which means that I could already begin building the “Year 1: Europe” volume.

Some stories are about the preparation for the trip, and the ways in which the first year has changed me.

If I do create this, it would automatically become an e-book at the very least. The ultimate goal is, of course, a print version, provided there is sufficient interest. So my questions to you, dear reader:

Would you be genuinely interested in buying either a cheapish e-book or a high quality physical copy? Be honest!

Does the plan and format sound good? Would you prefer more text than I described? Perhaps closer to a regular book of stories (and only some photos, or not at all)? Or alternatively even less text and just make it about the photos? Focus on some other type of content/stories? What would you like to hear about and why?

Now is the time to make requests, if there is anything specific you’d want to see or read.

As an added incentive, everyone who comments on this with input (even if it’s just to say “wouldn’t pay money for this, but good luck” - as that's also valuable feedback) has a chance to win a free copy of the book! I’ll choose the winner randomly in, let’s say, two weeks from this post. (Update: We have a winner! Details in the comments.)

Thank you for any and all suggestions!

One of the first places I visited. In fact, this place was the very first campsite, although the photo was from another time.