This is the route I've cycled so far from my starting point in Lapland, Finland. Each number represents a campsite where I slept. In some cases I may have spent more than one night, so the number isn't an accurate count of how many days I've spent on tour. After the first 100 days, there were 84 campsites on the map, so I'm operating at 16% rest days. Which would be quite low, if I wasn't taking it easy to begin with.

The map doesn't show all of the kilometres I've cycled, since sometimes I'll go back and forth for groceries or do some additional exploring along a side road. On the other hand, the numerous ferries in Norway are included in the distances, so actually I've still cycled less than it says. Overall however, it's fairly accurate.

By my calculations, I've cycled 5600km in the first six months. I started with a 1000km monthly pace, but have slowed down a little since then.

Blog posts tend to come at a few days' delay, so this map is closer to my current location.

In case the map doesn't work, click here for a low-tech version.