I'm a time-lapse photographer at the stock footage site Filmsupply.com. All of my footage is available for licensing.

CYCLING UNDER THE AURORAS - Just a quick time-lapse of a short bike tour under the northern lights. Shot in Inari, Finland in down to -20C temperatures in March 2017. (No music)

MYSTIC NORWAY - Shot during a bicycle tour of North Norway in June and July 2016. The entire trip took place above the Arctic Circle, so I was riding in beautiful nightless night for two months. In any shot where the sun is low, the time is somewhere close to midnight.

INARI AURORAS - Shortly after moving to North Finland in the autumn of 2015, I was blessed with amazing aurora displays. Northern lights are the reason I first began learning time-lapse photography, and I still feel excitement in my heart every time I see them.